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Get Ready for the Brighter Days with Solar Panels

January 17, 2017

solar panelsDo you want to reduce your energy bills? I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. Solar panels could be the solution, a renewable and sustainable energy source that suits your home. And of course reducing that energy bill!

Solar PV is the most common solar panel for homes. Using semi-conductor technology they convert sunlight directly into electricity. They will still create electricity in the winter season when there is considerably less light, although not to the optimum level that can be seen in the summer months.

There are huge benefits to fitting solar panels, not only the important savings on your electricity bills. As the panels generate free electricity after the initial installation costs are covered. But also the potential to earn money back from the electricity produced through the Government-backed incentive; which is aimed to help home owners become more sustainable in their use of energy.

Solar panels require close to no maintenance. Just keep them clean and clear from any overshadowing trees. As long as they are installed onto the roof at a titled angle, rainfall with give them a good clean for you.

Dependant on the area, the solar panels may be independent from the grid. This is particularly great for remote and rural areas, where the electricity has the potential to be expensive with an extended energy journey.

Solstice Power Solutions have a proven track record in installing high quality solar PV panels. Whilst personalising the project to you, they aim to create as little disruption as possible. Meaning you can be using sustainable energy sooner than you think.

If you are considering adding solar panels to you home but are unsure of how to finance it, we can help! Just visit our calculator page to speak to one of our friendly finance experts.

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