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I noticed than you can help with bad credit homeowner loans. My credit history is not awful but I did go through a period of unemployment where I missed quite a few payments and got awarded a CCJ. I am nearly caught up now but could do with updating the bathroom and kitchen in my bungalow. I reckon on needing about £15,000 to do a nice job and could afford to pay back about £200 a month. Can you give me an idea of monthly payments and how long the loan can be over please?

Hi Tony.

Thanks for your email and yes we can help with arranging homeowner loans for customers with poor credit history. Life has its ups and downs and this is not unusual you’ll be pleased to know. Good to hear that things are looking better for you!

We have several lenders that would consider lending £15,000 for home improvements like replacement kitchens and bathrooms and they are very understanding when it comes to previous financial problems as long as you can show the loan is affordable for you.

There is a loan calculator on our website that will give you a very rough idea of payments but it would be best if we took an application from you and we can then come back to you with firm offers.

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