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The Weird and Wonderful Wedding Trends of 2016

December 8, 2016

Bride and Grooms have really set the bar this year as far as trends go. Couples are increasingly looking for ways to make their wedding different from the next persons. Some of this year’s trend may take you by surprise.


Mason Jars

Jars have seemed to be extremely popular for weddings this year. They are being used for anything from glass-wear for guest drinks to storage containers for cutlery or straws. Some wedding planners have really got creative, using the jars to light up the aisle with little tea lights inside. Most commonly, they have been used as centrepieces on the dinner tables.

”˜Naked’ Cakesnaked-wedding-cake

How would you feel about having a wedding cake with no icing? They can make a stunning contrast from the traditional decorated wedding cake with ruffles and fondant. Whether it is a subtle victoria sponge layered cake sprinkled with edible glitter or a vintage wedding cake that makes a statement, there is plenty of inspiration out there from this year’s trend.

chocolate-fountainChocolate Fountains

Now these have been around for a while but a fairly new trend for weddings. They are easy to hire and great to keep the kiddies occupied as long as you are happy with the potential mess it could cause.


Thumbprint Guestbookthumbprint-tree

This is an alternative to the traditional guestbook that gets put away in a draw and sometimes forgotten about. This year, thumbprint guestbook’s in the shape of a tree have been popular and can create a great feature to have on the wall and treasure forever.

barn-weddingBarn Marriage

Barn weddings are more popular than ever this year! Inspired with all aspects of nature, they have included branches, straw bales, lanterns and sometimes even animals.

Ring Bearing Dogsdog

It comes as no surprise that some couples want their dog at the wedding; after all they are part of the family. Although consider the pets personality, there is no guarantee they are going to behave themselves.

heartHand Written Signs

Anything from heartfelt seating plan signs to last chance Groom plaques and cute love notes. They generally have several fonts and different sized text, whilst rhyming in some way.


Choreographed Danceswedding-dance

Fancy surprising guests with a choreographed dance, many people have chosen to this year. With lots of inspiration out there, anything from Thriller, Single Ladies and elegant first dances have all been performed.

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