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I was thinking of applying to you for a secured homeowner loan as I was recommended by a friend. I was hoping to borrow £30,000 for debt consolidation and wanted to pay back over around 15 years in order to keep the monthly payment sensible. The only thing is we are think of moving in a couple of years time and wanted to know if that is still possible with the loans that you arrange?

Hi Sarah and thanks for your email.

Yes it is still possible to move house as the loan can be transferred to your new home although you will need to speak to the lender and the often charge a fee for this. The second option would be to consolidate the second charge loan into your new mortgage when you move and end up with just one loan. You will also need to consider that any second charge loan could affect the size available to you of your next mortgage if you still need it at this point. So yes it is all possible but when you apply to us we’ll arrange for you to talk to a CEMAP qualified mortgage advisor to give you the best advice. You can apply online or call us on 0800 066 2882 to discuss first if you prefer.

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