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I need a new car but my credit history isn’t great. I was unemployed for quite a while going back a few years ago and my finances got in a bit of a mess. I am mostly caught up now but really could do with a more reliable car to get to work. I tried an experian report and my credit score was quite bad but a friend of mine who also has bad credit suggested I contact you as you helped her to get car finance.

Hi Simon and thanks for your email about bad credit car finance. You have definitely come to the right place for help and advice when it comes to arranging car loans as we have several lenders who specialise in helping customers who may have had a few problems with their finances in the past but are confident they can afford the monthly payment now. As long as you are employed, have an income of at least £1,000 a month and can back this up with a payslip or bank statement then there is a good chance we can help you get that car you need. Providing you are not bankrupt or in an IVA you can apply online or give one of our friendly advisors a call and we’ll make sure we do our best to help.

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