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I wanted to ask about the debt consolidation loans. I have debt totalling about £24,000 that I would like to pay off so that I can hopefully reduce my monthly outgoings. Can you tell me what the longest period I can do this over is please?

Hi James,

Thanks for your email and your question about debt consolidation loans. Generally we can arrange a great rate of interest for  a loan over 5 years.

However if you own your own property we could do this over a much longer period if that’s what you want. Ideally you should speak to one of our personal brokers who will guide you through finding the best possible debt consolidation loan to match your circumstances.

You can phone them on 0800 066 2882 or complete our short online application form and one of them will give you a call shortly.

Hope that’s of some help and we look forward to hearing from you.

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