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Hi, Can you advise me please. I need a new car but have a poor credit history due to losing my job during the covid pandemic. I took a mortgage holiday to help but missed quite few payments on our other car and credit cards. I now have a new job and need a car as the commute is quite a distance. I applied through a car dealer for finance but was turned down and am worried that my recent problems are now going to prevent me financing a car. Any suggestions?

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your question.

You’re certainly not alone here and we’re sorry to hear that you’ve suffered in the last year.

Missed payments and poor credit history caused by this will certainly give you less choice sadly as some lenders can be quite choosy currently and even though mortgage holidays shouldn’t really count against you, we suspect that some lenders are taking this into consideration.

Bad credit history shouldn’t stop us from being able to help you obtain car finance as there are plenty of lenders out there that can still help even if the car dealer’s prime lender will not.

We specialise in helping customers an approval for car finance even if they have suffered a setback in the past so please do give us a call on 0800 066 2882 or make an application online

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