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Do bad credit home improvement loans exist?

Hello. This is a question we’re often asked – and the short answer is yes! If you’re looking to redecorate, renovate or even remodel your home but you’re worried about how your poor credit score might affect your chances, the good news is that we’re willing and able to offer bad credit home improvement loans to our customers – as long as they’re able to afford the monthly repayments.

Generally speaking, secured home improvement loans are the most popular choice for people with bad credit. Securing your loan against an asset gives lenders peace of mind, and means your chances of acceptance aren’t hurt by your credit history. Remember that a lower rating means greater interest – and more to pay each month as a result. But if you’re confident that the repayments won’t be an issue and can provide proof of sufficient income, your score shouldn’t have to hold you back.

If you’d prefer not to secure your loan against something you own, an unsecured home improvement loan could be the answer – and working with a panel of the UK’s leading lenders, we may be able to arrange finance for you in spite of a less-than-perfect credit score. Put simply, we’re able to offer a wide range of home improvement loans for bad credit holders depending on your individual circumstances and requirements.

Learn more about home improvement loans, or discover the options available to bad credit holders.

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