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I am looking for a personal loan of £25000 and wondered if you could help. I would prefer the loan to be unsecured and am happy to pay back around £550 a month over 5 years in order to keep the payments sensible for me. I consider my credit history to be reasonable but my bank only provides large personal loans of up to £15000. The purpose of the loan is for home improvement and a small extension on my house. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi Sean and thanks for your email regarding the home improvement loan that you are looking for.

Your bank is not unusual in restricting your loan to £15000 and most banks have some kind of limit depending on whether you have your current account with them.

An unsecured loan for £25000 should be no problem and the payments should actually come out nearer £520 a month over 60 months with an APR of 9.9%.

Pegasus Finance are fairly unique and large unsecured personal loans are what we are good at arranging and can be possible up to £100k, so if you need a bit more then just ask.

For more information on large personal loans click here.

If this all sounds ok then you can either phone one of our finance advisors on 0800 066 2882 or complete our simple online application form and we will call you.

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