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I see you offer debt consolidation loans and am hoping you might be able to help. I have a car loan which I owe about £6500, a bank loan of £8000 and two credit cards which total £16000. So not a total mess but my total repayments including the minimum credit card payments are now getting on for £900 and that’s without paying the credit cards off. I own my house but don’t really want to add it to my mortgage so wondered what you could do to help reduce my repayments without having to pay back over 15 years!

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your email about debt consolidation loans.

Don’t panic too much, your situation is not unusual and the answer could be to consolidate all of your loans into one lower payment as long as you realise you will probably end up being a bit more interest in the long run.

However, credit cards can be expensive so we should be able to get you a lower interest rate which will help offset the longer loan term.

As a home owner you should also be able to obtain preferential interest rates for a debt consolidation loan so it would be well worth trying to see what the best deal we can get you will be.

There is no obligation so you can either phone one of our debt advisors on 0800 066 2882 or complete our easy online application form and we’ll contact you as quickly as possible.


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