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Dear Sirs, I have been recommended to you by a friend and I’m looking for some advice and help with arranging a debt consolidation loan to pay off my accumulated loans and credit cards with one larger loan. I appreciate that this might mean I end up with a longer term but we just need to reduce our outgoings in order to get on top of things. In total we need £48500 and are happy to secure this on our house if it means we can have longer to repay. We are hoping to achieve a repayment of around £600 per month which would save us £400 a month compared to what the total amount is currently. Our credit history is pretty good and can provide you with bank statements or payslips if required to back this up. Can you confirm that this is something that you feel you can help with? Philip P.

Hi Philip, Thanks for your question regarding debt consolidation loans.

It sounds like you know a reasonable amount about how it works, and from the information provided, it shouldn’t be a problem helping you achieve your goal of saving £400 a month. We just need to ensure you have a stable income and you can prove that the new debt consolidation loan is affordable.

If you reply with a contact number, we can ask one of our debt advisers to give you a call directly, alternatively you can apply online, we’ll do our preliminary checks and then will contact you with the best options.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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