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My local car dealer recommended you as a good company to help me arrange car finance even though I have poor credit history. I was quite ill a couple of years ago and got behind with my mortgage payments but I am just about up to date now and am need of a more reliable car to get me to work. I reckon I’ll need about £7000 for something decent and can afford about £200 a month. Can you help and can I buy a car from anywhere in the UK?


Hi Sarah and thanks for your question.

Yes, we can help with arranging bad credit car finance. We have several lenders that we work closely with who understand that life doesn’t always run smoothly and will look at your current circumstances and affordability rather than your poor credit history.

£200 a month should easily cover a loan of £7000 and we’ll need to take an application from you in order to work out which lender will give you the best car finance deal for your circumstances.

You will be able to buy your car from any reputable UK car dealer providing they are registered with the FCA to enable them to invoice a finance company.

If you need any more advice please call us on 0800 066 2882 otherwise you can apply using our short online application form and one of our friendly advisors will call you shortly to discuss the options with you.

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