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Hi, I’m hoping you can help me. I want to convert my loft which I’m told will cost over £30k but I’ll need a personal loan to cover this and don’t think my bank will be able to loan me this much (ideally I’m looking for a £33,000 loan). I have an excellent credit score and won’t have any trouble paying it off. Are you able to provide unsecured personal loans of this size? I really appreciate any advice you can give me!

Thanks for your question, Sarah. We should be able to help!

Loads of our customers have come to us after being unable to borrow the amount they need from their bank. Many banks offer a maximum of £25,000, which can make it difficult for homeowners to afford things like costly loft conversions and new home extensions. We specialise in unsecured personal loans, giving customers the option to borrow anything from £3k to £100k – so getting approved for a £33,000 loan for your new loft should be easy enough.

Spending £20,000 on a loft conversion can add a whopping £40,000 to your home’s value – so this large loan will prove a rewarding investment in the long term.

Thanks to your excellent credit score, you can enjoy a lower interest rate (and lower monthly repayments as a result). Better yet, we should also be able to arrange an unsecured loan with you being such a low-risk applicant – meaning you won’t need to secure the loan against your home. Based on a Representative APR rate of just 9.9%, you could repay your £33,000 loan within 5 years at a monthly rate of £697. Alternatively, if you’d like to further reduce what you’ll need to repay each month, you could opt for our maximum loan term of 10 years – lowering monthly repayments to just £417.

Give our finance advisors a call on 0800 266 2882 today if you’d like to discuss your options with an expert! Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to help. If, however, you’re ready to apply, you can start your application below.

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