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5 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Transform Your Kitchen Habits

November 11, 2016

Although you may love to cook, I can guarantee that you don’t like cleaning up afterwards. Everyone wants to keep their mess to a minimum and we have some simple gadgets that will help you do just that.

Smart Kitchen Scale

These scales are generally small and compact. Some even link to a smartphone app that will alert you when you have added enough ingredients for accurate measurements dependant on your recipe. The Drop Smart Kitchen Scale even comes with hundreds of free interactive recipes creating great meals for you to give a try.

Salad Station or Mandolin Slicer

Creating an easy way to chop salad and other vegetables with minimal mess and clean up afterwards (well after you get the hang of it anyway). They are available in a variety of price ranges, whether you want one handheld or that can attach to the top of your salad bowl.

Nest 9 Measuring Cups

These nesting cups are great for packing away neatly into the cupboard. The set includes large and small non-slip mixing bowls, a stainless-steel sieve, strainer and even five measuring cups. They are fantastic for the bakers among us, however if you use them all it does result in a bit of washing up.

Herb Infuser

This is one of my favourites. If you make stews or soups it is a must have for you too! All you need to do is add a handful of herbs into the infuser and drop it into the broth, it’s brilliant for stopping the stray leaves, spices or herbs form being dished up at the end.

Six Way Openers

With one of these you’ll be able to open stiff jars quickly. This six way opener, opens anything from jars, cans as well as both glass and plastic bottles. It’s comfortable to use and importantly not too big so easy to store.

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